Travel Diary: Santorini

Still musing about my recent trip to the Greek isle of Santorini,

Dreamy and wonder-filled days of blue domed cathedrals & black sand volcanic islands; White washed stones and muted sunsets leading down to the Aegean Sea; Glowing azure waters, sapphire mountains in the horizon; The coastline dotted with pops of coral, turquoise shutters and lapis doors.

Some of what I loved: Oai Santorini White Wine, fresh feta and warm baklava, the view from my balcony at Grace Hotel...

Our Story

My love of jewels and adornment began in the opulence of my hometown of New Orleans, the carnival city became my first inspiration with its French and Spanish influences, lavish architecture, and love of costume.

At Brown my interest in form and shape grew when I discovered the silhouetted works of Kara Walker. I chose to pursue this inspiration at the Rhode Island School of Design, and develop some of my training in ateliers in Tuscany. As a student, I began to sell my first creations out of my apartment. However, I would say, that my passion for design truly began to flourish during my time living in Japan.

As I continued to travel, I realized it was the locations I visited-- varied in their patterns, landscapes, architecture and histories -- that excited me most. This is the spirit I strive bring to my design. I like to think of my pieces as modern artifacts, evoking a fresh perspective on the ancient stories of locations as far flung as Kyoto, Japan or Siwa, Egypt.

Today, with our incredibly talented and hard-working team, we love exploring new cultures and designs every season with you!