Tudor City NYC Photoshoot

August 08 2012, 0 Comments

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For our late summer shoot, we decided to stay close to home!

Together with photographer Eric Kelley, we worked in the heart of midtown and out of KiraKira designer, Suz Somersall's home in Tudor City.

Tudor City has been a distinctive backdrop for films like Scarface, The Bourne Ultimatum and Taxi Driver.  Historic neo-gothic architecture and small gardens make this private neighborhood on the east river a special enclave in midst of an otherwise bustling area of Manhattan.  The buildings look just as they did in the 1920s when they were built, stained glass windows, gargoyles, and ornate carvings in the facade.  The garden's pathways are manicured with tulips and hydrangeas in the summer and the short length of Tudor City Place is lined with yellow Ginkgo trees in the fall.  At lunchtime, the benches in Tudor City will often be filled with residents and those on a lunch break from the nearby UN.  It's a tranquil little spot to escape for an hour or two!  The deco inspired Chrysler building is visible from Tudor City's bridge over 42nd Street, a New York icon we incorporated into our shoot!
Model: Elizabeth Anne

Hair & Makeup: Liz Marz

Dress: Alice + Olivia

Photography: Eric Kelley

Video Editing: Meet + Cute Films


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