our passion
Dedicated to the cause of STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) among girls and young women, the Suz Somersall team launched the KIRAKIRA educational platform.  Through educating, empowering and connecting girls and women interested in engineering careers, we hope to increase both the ratio of girls to boys taking engineering classes in high school (currently boys are 6x more likely to take engineering) and increase the percentage of women to men in engineering careers (currently women occupy only 13% of careers in engineering and only 25% of careers in computer and mathematical sciences). 

Specifically we inspire learning through:

  • YouTube Tutorials in Jewelry Modeling & Mechanical Engineering.  These female-focused downloads & lessons train women to use AutoDesk, SolidWorks & Rhino in a fun, inspiring environment taught by women for women, and upon completion of the tutorial we will print their piece (completed error-free! .stl file) in plastic free of charge or cast in metal at cost.
  • Women-led PopUp Shop jewelry classes teaching mechanical engineering software as well as hands-on use of 3D printers (from MakerBots to Polyjet Printers), CNC milling machines, and laser cutters.
  • Social media forums for the distribution of open source knowledge surrounding 3D software and 3D printing.

Through the gateway of jewelry design, we at KIRAKIRA hope to instill excitement in young women about the possibilities of a myriad of engineering based careers, from design to architecture to aerospace engineering.

Increasing STEAM education
Exciting 3D modelling
Modelling jewelry from SolidWorks
Collaboration with Women's Prison Association

Suz Somersall collaborated with Alysia Reiner and the cast of Orange is the New Black to create a locker. 100% of profits from the lock were doated to the WPA. As seen in the Wall Street Journal Cosmo, and Refinery 29.

Supporting Breast Cancer Research Foundation

We joined the pink initiative, donating a percentage of sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. As seen in Brides, Health, People Style Watch, and Women's Health.

In conjunction with NY fashion week

A collaboration done in conjunction with NY fashion week, we partnered with Dress for Success to raise money with our red handbag collection designed specifically for this campaign.